Wedding anniversary is one of the most romantic events in every married couple's life. And perhaps it doesn't matter how long you've been together - one year or a decade - the importance of your wedding anniversary does not wear off with time. Every anniversary has its name and meaning.

30th wedding anniversary is called a 'pearl wedding' for a reason. Just like a beautiful pearl grows bigger and prettier every year, so does the happy marriage become only stronger with time. The oyster wanders within the water streams but inside it cherishes a natural treasure - pearl. Withing a course of life marriage meets many challenges, much like the oyster does, but at the end of the day all those ups and downs keep your relationship strong and healthy.

If you're facing a dilemma: what present to give your parents for their wedding anniversary; you cannot simpy overthink this, as the answer is obvious - give them any souvenire or adornment made of pearls. For your mother you most certainly should get any piece of jewellery with pearls - that's an easy one as every jewellery shop today has a wide range of pearl necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings in their collections. For you dad, however, you may have to try a little harder - try looking for any kind of souvenir made from mother of pearl. Those could be anything: pens, paper-notes holders, caskets, bookmarkers, etc. You could also get him a pair of pearl cuff-links which look absolutely fantastic.

If you are looking how to please your wife on the day of your pearl wedding you should definitely think of buying a proper pearl necklace. Traditionally such necklace should be made of 30 pearl beads, each one accounting for every year you've spent together. There is also an old belief that the pearls in the necklace symbolize your wife's tears that she had shed over the years of your marriage. And though every version has its right to exist, we would not advise you to rely very much on those that are mentioned above. Firstly, for a pearl necklace to consist of only 30 pearls, you'll have to find a necklace made of quite substantial pearls (around 12-15mm in size), which would be costly. Secondly, we really think you should never remind your dearest one of all the sad times of your marriage on a day of your pearl anniversary. So, you're free to choose any kind of pearl jewellery for this day. If you're buying a pearl necklace don't forget to complement it with some pearl studs or a pearl bracelet. You know waht they say: happy wife, happy life.

It is slightly more challenging to find a pearl present for your husband, but there are some options still. Silver, platinum or stainless steel cuff-links with black pearls will do the trick. White metal and black pearls are absolutely gorgeous together! Your husband will love them, no doubt. If you can't find pearl cuff-links in any of the jewellery shops, you can always have them custom made by a jeweller. If your husband is not too conservative about men's jewellery, you could get him a bracelet or a necklace with Tahitian pearls on a leather band.

Pearl wedding is a long way for both of you. This day is great opportunity to look back and remember every day that you've spent together. And it doesn't really matter what present you decide to give to your loved one on this day, because the most valuable pearls of your joint life will be your kids and grandkids.